Jurassic World: The Game 1.1.15 APK for Android Gratis

Jurassic world: The game | 1.1.15 APK for Android – assemble your own particular Jurassic stop and enhance it. Develop distinctive dinosaurs and battle on the stadium. This amusement for Android is in light of the eponymous film. You have an opportunity to fabricate your own particular dinosaur world. Manufacture labs, pens, and different structures. Do errands and complete your gathering of dinosaurs. Do hereditary studies and breed new sorts of dinosaurs. Deal with your dinosaurs, develop and create them. Battle dinosaurs of different players from around the globe on enclosure.
1_jurassic_world_the_game 2_jurassic_world_the_game
3_jurassic_world_the_game 4_jurassic_world_the_game

Android 4.3 and higher.v1.1.15. Tegra [14.1 MB] [apk]


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